Unlock your website's revenue potential with a data-driven approach. With our state-of-the-art technology take advantage of artificial intelligence for more ad revenue and better user experience.


Why RevenueFlex ?

Still most publishers use traditional approaches to pick the best option for ad demand, layout, sizes and types for their websites. Most of the time their choice is not the best one for both revenue and user experience. In today's data-driven and AI-oriented world we believe that it would be wise to use modern machine-learning techniques to fully benefit from the content. As RevenueFlex we promise to improve a website's revenue potential by picking the best scenario automatically in a data-driven way. Although being able to increase revenue without giving up user experience seems skeptical, our experience states that it is mostly doable to improve both.

What we do?

Data and artificial intelligence are bread and butter of our business. We gather data for some time and let our platform learn as much as possible about the website. Time for multivariate testing of the space depends on volume of traffic and content of the website. It is vital to understand that our business model does not rely on populating pages with extra, bigger or annoying ads. Although this might have a short-term positive impact on revenue, it surely has negative side-effects on user experience metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and pageviews per visit. We guarantee to keep the ad density within the limits while keeping to optimize pages continuously.

How to Integrate?

Integration is super easy. Publishers just need to put a few lines of JavaScript code to their web page. That’s all. Remaining tasks are handled by our operations team and automated tools. Since there is no minimum term commitment, publishers are able to turn off the product at any time they want from the dashboard. Publishers are also able to adjust the amount of optimized traffic, set preferences, opt out for some pages, etc.. In short, publishers have full control over the system.


In addition to your optimization service, are you also providing standard ads?

Yes. We are certified Google AdExchange Seller. Additionally, we are in cooperation with many advertisers and demand partners around the globe. We are also providing ad tech and ad ops services including header bidding.

Does RevenueFlex cause policy violation risks?

No. Our intelligent platform takes the policies of demand partners into account to prevent any violations. We prioritize long term and consistent revenue uplift.

Does your code snippet slow down my website?

No. Since it is loaded asynchronously, it is technically impossible for our snippet to increase loading time of your website. RevenueFlex never slows down your website and uses browser resources economically.

Can I turn off your RevenueFlex at any time?

Yes. There is no contract or term commitment that binds you to RevenueFlex. From the dashboard, you are able turn on/off at any time.

How and when can I get my payment?

Via many ways including bank wire, Payoneer, TransferWise, PayPal and Bitcoin. You can get each month's payment in the last week of the following month if there is no spam or fraudulent activity.

How can I follow up stats and earnings?

We are providing a dashboard to follow up your stats and earnings

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